A Shellback Tactical Patriot Plate Carrier on a white background.
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Lifetime Warranty: With a lifetime warranty, the Patriot provides a long-term protection solution, offering peace of mind for those who rely on it for their safety. Advanced Protection: The Patriot is compatible with 10x12 Level III and Level IV shooter cut/ESAPI type plates, offering advanced protection against high-caliber threats. Adaptable Design for Various Environments: From active shooter situations to undercover operations, the Patriot's low profile and no-bulk design ensures high adaptability. This means it can be worn and concealed under a jacket, even with Level IIIA soft armor, providing optimal protection in any setting. Enhanced Comfort & Mobility: The plate carrier includes lightweight, adjustable Spacer Mesh shoulder pads and a fully adjustable and padded front, back, and shoulder areas. This ensures maximum comfort and unrestricted mobility, enhancing your performance in high-pressure situations. High Carrying Capacity: Despite its lightweight design, the Patriot doesn't compromise on load carrying capacity, enabling you to carry necessary equipment and accessories for your mission. Introducing the Shellback Tactical Patriot Plate Carrier – a testament to unyielding protection, streamlined design, and versatile utility. Inspired by the highly acclaimed Original Banshee Plate Carrier, the Patriot ensures lightweight, low profile comfort without compromising on carrying capacity. This top-notch plate carrier integrates cutting-edge features such as removable Spacer Mesh shoulder pads with 3 strips to effortlessly manage your comms or hydration. The unobtrusive design provides ample protection, enabling law enforcement officers, military personnel, and private security operators to swiftly respond to active shooter situations, engage in Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC), and perform direct counter-terrorism actions. One of the defining features of the Patriot is its covert capability. Its slim, no-bulk design ensures it can be conveniently worn and concealed under a jacket – even with Level IIIA soft armor – making it an ideal choice for undercover or low visibility environments.Constructed with resilient 500D Cordura Nylon, the Patriot is ready to bear the brunt of any active shooter kit. The front cummerbund flap provides easy access and is equipped with a Hypalon pull for rapid adjustments. No shoulder buckles mean you can shoulder your weapon with ease. Its adjustable and padded front, back, and shoulder areas provide customized comfort. The Patriot's robust design is complemented by its compatibility with 10x12 Level III and Level IV shooter cut/ESAPI type plates. The plate carrier's exterior showcases several PALS web attachment points, large areas for ID placards, and even a secure drag handle. Enhance your mission-readiness with the Patriot – a symbol of devotion to one's duty, safeguarding individual rights, and an unyielding defender in high threat situations. The product comes with a lifetime warranty and is GSA and TAA compliant. Let the Patriot become your trusted partner in protection.
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