A black Tactical Scorpion Gear sleeveless vest with a white label on it.
1 review Tactical Scorpion Gear 014 Level IIIA Concealable Soft Armor Shirt $259.95 $279.95
Made in the USA: This Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IIIA Concealable Ballistic Shirt is proudly made in the USA by dedicated craftsmen, ensuring premium quality, supporting local jobs, and delivering a product you can trust. Level IIIA NIJ Compliance: Stay cool & calm under fire knowing your gear has full Level IIIA compliance, even exceeding the latest US NIJ 0101.06 standards.  Superior Protection: The uniquely shaped soft aramid plates provide comprehensive front and back protection, going above and beyond the coverage of standard 10x12 plates. An armor you can rely on when situations escalate. Resilient Material: The shirt not only offers bulletproof features but also stands firm against corrosion and exhibits excellent performance in low temperatures, a robust companion in any environment. Breathable Spandex Blend: Crafted from a special spandex blend, this shirt assures comfort and breathability. It stretches to offer a snug fit, becoming virtually unnoticeable, ensuring maximum mobility during high-stakes situations.- Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels Included Introducing the Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IIIA Concealable Ballistic Shirt (TSG-014), an exceptional fusion of protection and discretion. Expertly crafted by their dedicated American artisans, this shirt is designed to safeguard front and back with uniquely shaped, soft aramid plates, delivering more coverage than standard 10x12 plates. Proudly made in the USA, this gear goes beyond expectation with full Level IIIA compliance, exceeding the latest US NIJ 0101.06 standards. Not only will this shirt provide resistance against six pistol rounds up to .44 Mag HP at 1430 fps at 5 meters, but it also displays unparalleled resilience against corrosion and impressive performance in low temperatures.Crafted from a special spandex blend, this shirt ensures breathability and a snug fit, making it nearly undetectable under your clothing. Removable inner armor plates make this shirt as practical as it is protective, allowing for easy care and washing.The Tactical Scorpion Gear Level IIIA Concealable Ballistic Shirt is more than just a piece of armor – it's a silent companion, unnoticeable but ever-present, offering optimal protection against unforeseen threats. Experience the assurance of American-made, NIJ-compliant armor designed with precision and care. Stay one step ahead with Tactical Scorpion Gear.                            TSG-014   Panel Size  Front Panel L x W & Length From Neck Down  Back Panel L x W   Medium            11” x 12.75” (11.5” at neck)  10” x 14.5”   Large            12” x 13” (11.5” at neck)  11” x 14.5”  Xlarge           12 5/8” x 14.5” (13” at neck)                         12” x 15”  ** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.** NIJ tested Level IIIA Armor will defeat 6 pistol round shots up to .44 Mag HP – 1430 fps at 5 meters Protection Level Testing Bullets Weight of Bullet Speed of Bullet Shot Distance Effective Shots I .380ACP FMJ RN 6.2/95 322/1055 5m 6 .22 LRHV Lead 2.6/40 329/1080 5m 6 II A 40S&W FMJ 11.7/180 322/1055 5m 6 9MM FMJ RN 8.0/124 341/120 5m 6 II A .357 Mag JSP 10.2/158 436/1430 5m 6 .9mm FMJ RN 8.0/124 367/1205 5m 6 IIIA .44 Mag HP 8.0/124 436/1430 5m 6 9MM FMJ RN 15.6/240 436/1430 5m 6 III 7.62mm NATO M80 FMJ 9.6/148 838/2780 15m 6 IV 7.62mm Caliber M2 AP 1.8/166 869/2880 15m 1
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