Three different Elite Survival Systems CO Shooters Belts with different buckles.
4 reviews Elite Survival Systems CO Shooters Belts $77.95 $97.95
Precision American Craftsmanship: Feel the confidence that comes with American-made quality. Each belt is a product of meticulous craftsmanship, aligning with the highest standards of law enforcement and military gear. COBRA® Quick-Release Buckle: Experience unmatched speed and safety with the COBRA® buckle, renowned for its one-handed quick-release mechanism – a crucial asset for rapid response in critical situations. Military-Grade Scuba Nylon Webbing: Embrace the resilience of military-grade materials. This rugged and durable webbing withstands the toughest conditions, ensuring your gear is supported even in the most demanding operations. Reinforced Inner Core: Trust in the reinforced core for ultimate gear stability – a steadfast ally for holstering essential equipment, keeping everything secure and readily accessible. Embrace the pinnacle of tactical efficiency with the CO Shooter's Belt, a premier choice among battle belts for those who value uncompromised performance. Elite Survival Systems has meticulously engineered this belt to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement, military personnel, and tactical gear enthusiasts. Constructed with high-strength Scuba nylon webbing and a reinforced inner core, this duty belt is more than just a part of your kit; it's a vital support system for your tactical needs. The military-grade materials ensure durability and resilience in any operational environment, providing reliable gear support at all times. Featuring the renowned COBRA® quick-release buckle by AustriAlpin, this belt sets the standard for safety and convenience in high-stakes situations. The quick-release mechanism is intuitive, allowing for rapid engagement and release, which is essential in the dynamic world of law enforcement and military operations. Available in tactical hues of Black, Coyote Tan, and Wolf Gray, and tailored in five sizes, this belt integrates seamlessly with a variety of uniforms and gear setups. It's not just a battle belt; it's a statement of readiness and commitment to excellence. Whether you're navigating challenging terrain or engaged in active duty, the CO Shooter's Belt from Elite Survival Systems is your trusted ally. It represents the fusion of tactical sophistication and rugged dependability – essential qualities for any battle-ready professional. Secure your gear with the belt that stands up to the test – the CO Shooter's Belt, where elite craftsmanship meets tactical precision. 1.5" heavy-duty resin treated scuba webbing Stiffened inner core provides ideal holster and accessory platform Reinforced stitching Velcro adjustable Available in Black, Coyote Tan, and Wolf Gray Available in 5 sizes SM: 26" - 31" M: 32" - 38" L: 39" - 44" XL: 45" - 50" XXL: 51" - 56"
An Elite Survival Systems Cobra Tactical Belt with a buckle on it.
Cobra Tactical Belt $59.95 $69.95
The COBRA® Tactical Belt is made from the toughest materials available, incorporating special Scuba nylon webbing, reinforced stitching, and featuring a COBRA® quick-release buckle by AustriAlpin. This tactical EDC Cobra belt with a quick release buckle is ideal for everyday wear or light duty CCW. Attach tactical nylon duty gear and more to this tactical EDC Cobra belt with a quick release buckle! 1.5" heavy-duty resin treated scuba webbing Reinforced stitching Friction buckle allows for limited EDC tactical belt adjustment (+- 2 inches) Available in Black, Coyote Tan, and Wolf Gray Cobra quick-release belt available in pants sizes, even only
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