Concealable Armor: Protection You Can Wear

Concealable Armor: Protection You Can Wear

Concealable Body Armor

Concealable body armor provides discreet protection for those in law enforcement, security, and personal defense roles. At Pivotal Body Armor, we offer a range of concealable vests and carriers designed to be worn comfortably under clothing. Our selection includes top brands like Caliber Armor and National Body Armor.

Browse our Soft Body Armor collection for the latest in concealable protection. With options in various threat levels and fits, you can find the right armor for your needs.

Why Choose Concealable Armor?

Concealable armor offers protection without compromising your ability to blend in. For professionals who interact with the public, a low-profile look is essential. Concealable vests allow you to maintain a professional appearance while staying protected.

Many of our concealable armor options are lightweight and breathable for all-day wear. Adjustable straps and multiple sizes ensure a secure, custom fit. With the right concealable armor, you can focus on your job with confidence.

Threat Levels for Concealable Armor

When selecting concealable armor, consider the threat level needed for your role. The NIJ (National Institute of Justice) rates body armor based on the ammunition it can stop:

NIJ Level Protects Against
IIA 9mm and .40 S&W
II 9mm and .357 Magnum
IIIA .357 SIG and .44 Magnum

Pivotal Body Armor offers concealable options in Level IIA, II, and IIIA. Consult with your department or a body armor expert to determine the appropriate level for your needs.

Soft Body Armor Materials

Modern concealable vests use advanced materials to achieve a balance of protection and comfort. Common soft armor materials include:

  • Kevlar: A DuPont fiber known for its strength-to-weight ratio. Kevlar is used in many body armor applications.

  • Dyneema: An ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber with high cut and abrasion resistance. Dyneema is lightweight and floats on water.

  • Twaron: Teijin's aramid fiber offers a strong, heat-resistant material for ballistic protection.

These materials are strategically layered to create flexible, concealable armor that can stop specified rounds. Check out Spartan Armor Systems Soft Body Armor for examples of vests using advanced fabric technology.

Covert Carriers for Concealable Armor

A covert carrier is designed to house soft body armor panels discreetly. These carriers fit close to the body and can be worn under uniforms or plain clothes.

Covert carriers are made from moisture-wicking, breathable fabric to keep you cool and dry. Hook and loop closures and elastic straps allow for easy adjustments throughout the day.

Brands like Caliber Armor and Tactical Scorpion Gear offer quality covert carriers in various colors and sizes. Combine them with your chosen soft armor panels for reliable, concealable protection.

Measuring for Concealable Armor

To ensure a proper fit, it's important to take accurate measurements before ordering concealable armor. Most vests and carriers come in sizes based on chest measurements.

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your chest while wearing the clothes you plan to wear under the armor. Make sure the tape is level and not too snug.

Refer to the manufacturer's size chart to find the best size based on your measurements. When in doubt, contact Pivotal Body Armor's knowledgeable staff for guidance.

Care and Maintenance of Concealable Armor

Proper care extends the life of your concealable armor. Follow these tips to keep your gear in top shape:

  • Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, usually found on the care label inside the carrier.

  • Avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and dry cleaning, which can break down ballistic fibers over time. Use mild detergent on carriers if needed.

  • Air dry vests and carriers flat. Never machine dry or iron, as heat can damage fibers.

  • Store armor panels flat to prevent curling or creasing. Carriers can be hung on wide hangers.

  • Replace vests per manufacturer or department guidelines, usually every 5 years.

With regular care, your concealable armor will provide reliable protection throughout its service life.

Concealable Armor for Women

More manufacturers now offer concealable armor designed specifically for women. Female bodies often require different contours and adjustments for a secure fit.

Look for vests and carriers with darting or shaping in the chest area. Adjustable shoulder straps can help achieve a comfortable, gap-free fit.

Some concealable armor for women uses special materials for improved flexibility. Pivotal Body Armor offers leading options for female wearers across multiple brands. Consult with our experts to find the right solution for you.

Concealable Armor for Special Assignments

Some roles call for specialized concealable armor. Pivotal Body Armor stocks vests and carriers for unique needs:

  • Extended wear: Armor designed for long shifts, stake-outs, or surveillance missions. Features enhanced breathability and ergonomic fits.

  • Tactical entries: Certain concealable vests can integrate with tactical gear like plate carriers for added protection.

  • Correctional settings: Vests with stab and slash protection for correction officers and staff in prisons and jails.

  • Executive protection: Discreet vests and carriers suited for close protection details and private security.

  • Motorcade operations: Concealable armor for low-profile protection of dignitaries, officials, and VIPs in transit.

Contact our concealable armor experts to discuss solutions for your assignment.

The Future of Concealable Armor

As material science advances, so does concealable armor technology. Lighter, thinner, and more flexible solutions are in development to improve wearability.

Liquid armor is one exciting frontier, using shear-thickening fluids to create flexible protection that hardens on impact. Research continues to make this technology practical for concealable vests.

Other advancements focus on integration, like vests with built-in sensors to monitor vitals and alert backup. Whatever the future holds, Pivotal Body Armor will continue to provide cutting-edge, concealable protection to our customers.


Concealable armor is a critical piece of personal protection equipment for professionals and prepared citizens. With options in multiple threat levels, fits, and designs, you can find the right discreet armor solution for your needs.

Pivotal Body Armor is your trusted source for quality concealable vests and carriers. We carefully select products from top manufacturers to offer reliable protection and performance.

Browse our Soft Body Armor collection or reach out to our experts to find your ideal concealable armor solution.

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